Run for Roosevelt: Our staff runs, our students benefit. Learn how you can support them!

Chris Mitchell, our awesome principal, gathered all of our running/walking staff members for this great photo. We wanted to show you who is committed to stay healthy and raise money for our kids and our school. If you know any of these great staff members be sure to thank them, and pat them on the back (and maybe give them an Advil or two, or an ice pack!)

 Who?  How many? What? When? Totals so far
Karen Doerfert 60 Walk and Run After school neighborhood walks and weekend hikes, some jogging… 15 miles/wk 42 miles
Chris Mitchell 120 Run Generally, early mornings during week, then longer runs on Saturday.  ~30 miles/wk 106 miles
Mike Yocum 80 Run Generally, early mornings during week, then longer runs on Saturday.  ~20 miles/wk 57.4 miles
Randy Williams 320 Walk Evenings, mostly, however sometimes early mornings. Long weekend walks. I have completed…
Lallie McKenzie 60 Walk To and from school everyday, plus longer walks on weekends. ~15 miles/wk. 20 miles
Kay Fullerton 25 Run and walk miles 10 miles
Karen Marashi 125 Walk Weekends, to and from school ~80miles
Lauren Worth 150 Run and walk After school or nights runs/weekend long run+dog/family hikes >100 miles
Meredith Coelho 80 Run and walk After school and on weekends with my dogs I have completed…
Matt Byers 60 Run and walk After school and on weekends. ~20 miles/wk I have completed…
 Melissa Ivan 60 Run 50 miles

The staff will provide an update next week to let us all know where they are towards their goal.

A reminder of who from the Roosevelt staff is committed, and what they committed to do in February:

This week we are asking for parents and kids to reach out an sponsor a specific staff member. Who has impacted your kid’s education that you want to support?

  1. How do you support our staff and our kids.  Choose an amount you want to contribute per staff or per mile or just donate an amount to support everyone
  2. Drop a check off at the office in an envelope with the details of your sponsorship. Let us know if you are sponsoring a specific staff member.
  3. Donate directly through Eugene Education Foundation. Make sure that you allocate the money to Roosevelt Middle School: Staffing, and tell us in the notes who you are supporting.

Thank you for your support. All the money we raise will go directly to supporting more staff and helping reduce class size for our kids. We all know that school budgets have been tight and that we don’t have the staffing we would like to have for our kids. Please consider supporting our staff and our kids .