October 28, 2019

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Check out this week’s eNEWS for upcoming events, a thank you to volunteers, a request for volunteers, lost and found reminder, information on Parent-Teacher conferences, November Staff Appreciation, a reminder about skateboards & scooters, and parking lot safety, information on the upcoming RAD fundraiser, and science fair mentoring.

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Upcoming Events

Nov. 5th (T) – Cornucopia Fundraiser
Nov. 6th (W) – Parent-Teacher Conferences
Nov. 7th (Th) – NO SCHOOL: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Nov. 8th (F) – NO SCHOOL: Professional Development
Nov. 11th (M) – NO SCHOOL: Veteran’s Day

Thank You Volunteers!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped during our Activity Night, the event was a success!

Thank you to our wonderful front office volunteers! We appreciate your support: Kathy Lynn, Mandy Beall, Lisa Ghandour, Stephanie Chandler, Mandy Hardman, Melody Spear, Jessica Henley, Cindy Gupta, Alexis Borrevik, Holly Simmons, Kelly Ayres, Natalie Reeves, Mimi Kato & Susan Tate.

RMS Volunteers Needed

Roosevelt Middle School would love to have you as a volunteer!!! Come and join us.  Go to www.helpcounter.net/eugene

Make sure to check all the areas where you want to help. Once the application has been processed you will receive an email from the District about an online training (SafeSchools).

Disregard the due date and do the online training as soon as possible and email me (fuhriman_l@4j.lane.edu) the Certificate of Completion.  Once I have all the information I will contact you when volunteers are needed. Thank you for your time and talent, we are looking forward to meeting you soon. Laura Fuhriman Volunteer Coordinator at RMS

Final Reminder: Lost & Found

The Lost & Found will be cleared out Thursday, October 31. Please remind your student to check for any missing jackets, binders, water bottles, or other items, before they are donated. If you would like to check the lost and found yourself, just check in at the office first. Thank you!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Roosevelt’s parent teacher conferences are Wednesday and Thursday, November 6 and 7, 4 – 8pm.  The deadline to sign up for parent teacher conferences has now passed. If you signed up for conferences you will receive a reminder email two days before your conferences begin. If you must make any changes to your schedule, email the school secretary, kingzett@4j.lane.edu.

November Staff Appreciation

Let’s fill our teachers with thanks and a delicious dinner during parent-teacher conferences. We’re serving up a lasagna dinner and need your help. Please click on the link below and find a slot or two that works for you and makes conferences a little easier (and tastier) for teachers. All items should be at RMS by the end of the school day on Wednesday, November 6th.

If you need to arrange otherwise please email Alexis Borrevik at ancborrevik@yahoo.com. Please include a list of any allergenic ingredients (peanuts, eggs, dairy, etc) and label all items with your name for ease of return.

Staff Appreciation Sign-Up

Skateboard & Scooter Information

Parents of skateboarders and scooter riders, we are pleased your students are using alternate means of transportation to get to and from school, but please remind them of the following:  

1. No forms of transportation are allowed in the building. This means all skateboards and scooters must be locked up outside in one of the two skateboard docks. 
2. All locks must be removed each afternoon from the docks. Do not leave locks fastened to the skateboard docks overnight, as they may be cut off. 
3. We have a few loaner locks in the office for any students who need to borrow one for the day. 

REMINDER: Student Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Student safety is our number one concern. To ensure a safe parking lot please remember:

1)   Stay in the right pause parking lane (marked by a green curb) at drop-off and pick-up and move as far forward as possible toward the soccer field. Stopping at the entrance creates a traffic jam.  Do not use the left “drive through” lane to leap frog into a spot further up. Leap frogging has created many near miss incidents.

2)   If you need to exit your vehicle, do not use pause parking. Please find a parking spot.

3)   Drivers must always turn right out of the parking lot onto 24thfrom 8:15 – 9:15 and 3:15 – 4:15, or use the alternative exit to Hilyard. The “right turn only” rule keeps traffic flowing and is predictable for pedestrians.  

4) Please make sure to observe the speed limit for School Zones. The speed limit is 20 mph on all streets used to approach RMS.

Thank you!

RAD is Coming!

Hey Roosevelt families! Roosevelt Activity Days (RAD) is Roosevelt’s BIG fall fundraiser and it begins in two weeks, on November 12-15. Roosevelt students will participate in community building House activities to build trust, unity and cooperation in and among Houses. Students will participate in RAD events to raise funds to support Roosevelt services.  We are asking students to collect donations.  You can be part of RAD this year and help ensure the success of every child at Roosevelt by donating. Your support is crucial to our efforts to fully support Roosevelt activities and services.

We would greatly appreciate a donation of ANY amount to help us reach our yearlong fundraising goal of $100,000. Students will receive their collection envelopes in house on Monday, October 28 so they can start collecting donations. Turn in dates will be Tuesday through Friday, November 12, 13, 14 and 15. Please make checks payable to Roosevelt Middle School. You, along with family and friends, can also make online donations at:  https://www.schoolpay.com/link/RAD-2019. Thank you for your support!
Please make sure to review the following fundraising tips with your student:
Roosevelt Activity Days November 12-15 Fundraising Tips
Start with family and family friends. If your family approves going door to door, then follow these guidelines:
1. When soliciting pledges for RAD or for any fundraiser, ALWAYS go with an adult.
2. When asking for sponsors door-to-door, students should never enter anyone’s home.
3. Return home frequently when collecting money; students should not carry large sums of money, especially cash.
4. Use only first names and never give out addresses or phone numbers.
5. Family and friends can also donate online at https://www.schoolpay.com/link/RAD-2019

1. Each RMS family is strongly encouraged to raise whatever they can. Every dollar counts.
2. Money turn in days are November 12, 13, 14 and 15. Bring your envelopes and collections to school on those days.
3. Be sure to collect the pledge money at the time of solicitation, NOT after RAD.
4. Checks should be made payable to Roosevelt Middle School or RMS.
“Hi, my name is ____________, and I’m a student at Roosevelt Middle School. I am participating in Roosevelt Activity Days November 12-15 to raise money for staffing and other programs at Roosevelt Middle School. Would you be interested in sponsoring me in this activity?”  
Remember students: The “activity” is community building House activities to build trust, unity and cooperation in and among Houses and also House spirit activities.
* If you are asked for a receipt, have the donor call the main office at RMS (541-790-8500).
* A “no soliciting” sign means the home you are approaching is requesting that you do NOT come to their door. Please respect homes with this sign.

Science Fair Project Mentoring!

Thanks to a grant from the Society for Science and the Public, SPICE, is partnering Grade 5-8 students with university student mentors to support science fair projects.

If you know a student who would like to enter a project into the Central Western Oregon Science Expo or the UO Science Fair, SPICE can help connect them with a mentor.

Priority will be given to students from underrepresented groups including:
* Girls
* Non-binary/Trans
* Students with Disabilities
* Underrepresented racial & Ethnic Minorities
* Low-Income/First generation college aspirants

To connect a student with a mentor please email: spicescience@uoregon.edu

For more information about SPICE visit their website at: https://spicescience.uoregon.edu/

Earn Free Money for Roosevelt!

Click on the link above and register your credit/debit cards, designating Roosevelt Middle School—Recipient ID #6723045. Earn money for Roosevelt every time you shop at Market of Choice, Sizzle Pie (& other local restaurants).

Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Roosevelt. You can search by our name or by our non-profit number GB554. Click on the link above.

Download the Box Top for Education App in Google Play or the App Store, sign up (or sign in) and take a picture of your receipt within 14 days of purchase. It will automatically credit the school for each product. For more information, click on the link above.