A message to parents and guardians from Eugene School District 4J



4J Student Home Technology Survey

Please complete brief online form for each student by Sunday, March 29

Dear families,

Eugene School District 4J is preparing to reconnect students with teachers for supplemental remote learning in April, and has posted optional educational activities families can use to keep students engaged in learning in the meantime.

We want to ensure all 4J students have regular access to curriculum materials and learning opportunities and can remain connected to their teachers and schools.

We are asking all families to please take a few minutes to complete this form for each of your 4J students so we know if you have technology needs. (If you don’t have technology needs, we want to know that too.) We can provide support if needed, such as a loaned device or help accessing the internet at home.

Home Technology Survey

Home Learning Resources

Governor: Stay Home, Save Lives

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has issued Executive Order 20-12 to “Stay Home, Save Lives” to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

The governor’s order requires Oregon residents to stay home as much as possible, and to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from anyone outside their immediate household. The order is effective immediately until further notice.

Eugene School District 4J remains committed to supporting our 4J families and community during this challenging time. Oregon schools are continuing to provide essential services as required by the governor’s Executive Order 20-08, including supplemental education, childcare for essential healthcare personnel and first responders, and free student meals.

Playgrounds are closedStaff, students and families preparing, serving or picking up grab-and-go breakfast and lunch from a 4J site or delivery point must observe social distancing rules, keeping at least 6 feet apart.

All Oregon K–12 schools are closed to students through April 28. Under the governor’s new order, school playgrounds and outdoor sports courts are now closed as well.

Here is what is allowed and what is not under the “Stay Home, Save Lives” order. Governor Brown emphasizes, if you’re not sure about an activity, skip it.

Stay Home, Save Lives

Free Meals for Kids

Coronavirus COVID-19


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