A message to parents and guardians from Eugene School District 4J


Let’s Reconnect!
Remote Supplemental Education Starts April 6

Teachers are preparing to reconnect with students for remote supplemental education and learning supports, online and off

Dear families,

Eugene School District 4J is working hard to help meet the needs of students and families during the extended school closure. Our teachers are preparing to reconnect with students starting April 6 to provide remote supplemental education that reviews, extends and enriches content. Please look for more information from your school.

The district is implementing remote learning in phases and working to remove barriers to ensure that all students will have access to learning opportunities. We appreciate your patience and understanding while all Oregon school districts work to adapt our instructional delivery models virtually overnight.

Phase One: 4J educators have made home learning enrichment activities available online for families, and are creating paper packets to be available for families offline.

Phase Two: Teachers will reach out and provide supplemental education and learning support (SEALS) to students, including online learning. What’s to come:

March 30April 3: The district will provide technology support to families, including distributing loaner student devices and helping families access the internet. Teachers will undertake professional development and collaborative planning time to develop supplemental education content for their students.

April 6–10: Teachers will reconnect with students to provide supplemental education and learning supports that review, extend and enrich content. Supplemental education activities will be developed by teachers and designed to be done at home. Some activities will be online, others may be paper and pencil, and still others will be more physical in nature.

Next Steps: The Oregon Department of Education is expected to provide information this week on high school graduation requirement revisions. High schools will then work with each senior to determine what is needed to help them graduate.

The district also is exploring long range plans if the school closure were to extend beyond April. We will continue to update families as more information is available.

Remote Supplemental Education
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