Choose Your Path to Return to Learning 8/26/2020

Information for parents and guardians from Eugene School District 4J
Un mensaje para los padres y tutores del Distrito Escolar de Eugene 4J

Choose Your Path to Return to Learning 
Please respond by Wednesday to select among 3 learning options
See sample schedules for online learning with your school  

Dear 4J families,
The start of the school year is just around the corner, and we’re getting ready to welcome students back! 

Three pathways to return to learning 

Eugene School District 4J is offering three pathways for returning to learning in this unusual school year, for families to choose the best fit for their students: 

SAME SCHOOL HYBRID — All 4J schools will start the school year teaching and learning online, at least through the end of the first trimester (Dec. 4). When it is safe to do so, schools will bring students back to in-person learning in a hybrid model, with students attending classes on-site at school and online at home in alternating weeks. This is the default option.

SAME SCHOOL ONLINE — Students who select this option will also start the school year online with their school, and, when other students return to in-person learning on-site in a hybrid model, they will continue learning 100% remotely and stay connected with their current school. This may look different from the online learning with all students in the fall, but will include some synchronous (real-time) learning and continued connection with your neighborhood or alternative school. 

ONLINE ACADEMY — An alternate option for families who prefer 100% remote learning is the Eugene Online Academy, 4J’s online learning program for all grades K–12. This is a separate program and your student will not be with teachers or classmates from their regular school. The online academy uses different curriculum than other 4J schools and does not offer specialized programs such as language immersion and IHS. It is designed for asynchronous (not real-time) online lesson delivery, facilitated by 4J teachers, supplemented by some real-time check-ins. 

Which pathway do you choose? 

If you have not yet responded to choose a pathway for each of your students, please respond online by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 26.

If we have your current contact information, your student’s ID number was sent to you by email and text on August 18 (the email was titled “Return to Learning: Student Information & Survey Link”). If you have a new student who does not have an ID number yet, enter 000000 in the Student ID Number space. 

Thank you. This information is important now so the district can assign staff to support students in each option, and schools can make classroom assignments. 

Find out more 

More information can be found on the district website, including sample online learning schedules and answers to many frequently asked questions such as: 

What will an online learning day with your regular school look like
Can families change from one option to another later in the year? 
How will online learning be different from emergency distance learning last spring? 
Can students mix and match classes with their school and the online academy? 
When hybrid learning begins, why will students alternate week by week? 
When hybrid learning begins, will the school schedule be different? 

Online Form: Choose Your Path

Online School Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Technology Distribution Underway

Tablets or laptops provided for all 4J students for online learning

Whichever of the three return-to-learning pathways you choose, every 4J student will be provided a take-home device for learning online and/or on-site this year. High school students will receive laptop computers; elementary and middle school students will receive tablets (for grades 3–8, iPads come with keyboards).

Students will be issued a district-issued device to use even if they have another tablet or laptop at home. Some apps and programs are better accessed through a 4J tablet or laptop, and the district’s technology team can fix problems more readily on a district-issued device.

Technology pickup days are underway at middle schools and high schools. iPads will be distributed at elementary schools in early September. 

Student Device Pickup

Free Internet to Help Students Stay Connected
New program to provide high-speed internet for entire school year

Eugene School District 4J is joining with Comcast to provide qualifying students free internet for the entire school year to support online learning.

Comcast is offering two free months of internet access through its Internet Essentials program for families who qualify, and the district will pay for the additional months of service to keep students learning online for the rest of the school year.  

Students may be eligible for the program if they qualify for free or reduced-price school meals or are eligible for other public assistance programs such as housing assistance, Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps) and SSI, among others.

With comprehensive distance learning beginning Sept. 14, the Eugene School District is committed to ensuring all students are able to access online learning, to support their academic success and continued connection with their teachers and peers while school buildings are closed.

Internet Access Help

 Job Openings
Teachers: 5th Grade • Spanish 
Licensed Specialists: School NurseSchool PsychologistsSchool Psychology Intern • Speech and Language Specialist • Essential Skills Coordinator (Part Time) 
Classified Staff: Bilingual Educational Assistant  • ElectriciansMaintenance WorkerProgrammer Analyst • Bus Drivers
Managers: Security Services Program Manager

Summer Information
Register new students 
Summer office schedules 
Free summer meals 

Coming Up
9/2 School Board Meeting
9/14 First Day of School
9/16 School Board Meeting 
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