This week’s eNEWS includes a schedule of this week’s events, a message from the principal and assistant principal, information on Roosevelt spirit wear, parent-teacher conferences and open houses, Canvas, Wednesday’s flex schedule, a free youth financial foundations course, corralling COVID-19, Oregon health coverage, and information on next week’s schedule.

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This Week’s Schedule & Events
Oct. 26th (M) – A Day
* 12:20 pm In House, introduce pre-conference family activity!
Oct. 27th (T) – B Day
* 11:00 am Yearbook meeting (Zoom link in Canvas)
* 12:20 pmIn House, re-visit pre-conference family activity
Oct. 28th (W) – Flex Day
* 9:00 – 10:45 am Independent work time for Periods 1-6
* 12:30 – 4:00 pm Interventions and supports, extensions and clubs, office hours
Oct. 29th (Th) -NO SCHOOL: Conferences
* No coffee chat today: Admins in conferences
Oct. 30th (F) – NO SCHOOL: Teaching planning and professional
development day

Message from the Principal & Assistant Principal
Greetings, families!

We are embarking on week six of CDL and so impressed with all families are doing to support students to stay engaged and on track. We have a short week ahead with two no-school days Thursday and Friday for conferences and professional development. 

Grades will be posted early this week and prior to conferences on Thursday will be an excellent opportunity for you and your student to check-in, discuss classes, and make a plan to attend office hours as needed. 

We really appreciated those we heard from last week when we shared our school conversations about cameras on during Zoom and electronic distractions during class. Supporting your student from home is often challenging and exhausting and we know each of us is doing our best to manage… when we’d all rather our students be in school! 

Before we know it, we will be on to trimester two it will be Winter Break. Each day is an opportunity for a fresh start in classes and to try again with Canvas and Zoom… but also to find ways to be off a screen, away from electronics, and finding mindful activities that support students’ mental and emotional well-being. We’re having those conversations, too, as a staff… and, as always, please reach out with your ideas and observations.  

Have a great week! 
Courtney and Mike

Roosevelt Spirit Wear
Even though we’re not in the school building… we can still sport our RMS gear with pride. Roosevelt tee shirts and sweatshirts are now available to order until November 15. Order forms are here and on the Roosevelt website. Mail completed order forms and checks, payable to Roosevelt, to: Roosevelt Middle School, 500 E. 24th Ave., Eugene, OR 97405. There is also an online option to pay for spiritwear at https://www.schoolpay.com/link/RMS-2020-21-Spirt-Wear. Even if you pay online, you must still mail your completed order form to Roosevelt. No exchanges or refunds.

Conferences Coming on Thursday!
Monday, October 26 is the deadline to sign-up for school conferences which are Thursday, October 29 from 8 am to 4 pm. Please contact Karen Kingzett for more information.

The purpose of conferences this week is to better understand our families’ experiences in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) and to learn more about our students’ strengths, needs and behaviors in this unprecedented time.
Conferences are a time to talk about issues that may be interfering with student learning and growth and discuss resources and options for students.  
Unlike past years when conferences had a solely academic focus, conferences this year are a place to share triumphs, challenges and concerns about CDL. Our House advisors will have access to grade and attendance data and we will be able to give you your Canvas pairing code. However, House advisors will not be sharing individual class information and will not answer specific questions about academic classes. They can pass along concerns and support you in planning and communicating. 

To better understand each of your student’s classes, teachers have prepared “Open House” videos embedded in Canvas. On Monday, October 26, students will receive an assignment in House work with you, their adult, to: 

* Login and navigate to Canvas, browser and app
* Watch “Open House” videos of each class together (located on the blue navigation “Syllabus” link in Canvas)
* Read each class syllabus together
* Log into StudentVue and check midterm grades
* Cross reference grades with work in Canvas
* Note any questions for teachers and make a plan to visit office hours
* Double check your conference time via the confirmation email sent to families

Our hope is that conferences this year are much more of a joint endeavor with teacher, parent and student each playing an important role. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Canvas Community & Connection
We’re all Canvas, all the time! If you don’t have your pairing code to observe your student’s classes, please call our front office to get connected. Please use the links on our website to get connected: https://roosevelt.4j.lane.edu/index.php/student-family-technology-support/. 

We are rarely using student Zimbra accounts now that we can message students through Canvas and push out announcements to classes in each Canvas shell. This is helpful because it’s *one* place students have to check for information… it’s also the place we check all attendance. We will still use StudentVue and ParentVue for reporting and posting grades, so look there for grades posting this week!  

Flex Wednesday This Wednesday
This is our second Wednesday flex schedule. Students can think of this as a “catch-all” day. Flex dates during first trimester include: 11/4, 11/18, 11/25 and 12/2. The club list with times and days is posted on the website and is in the “RMS Clubs and Activities” Canas page… if your student wants to start a club, have them reach out to a teacher!

On flex Wednesdays, from 9:00 – 10:45 am, students should: 
* Work on assignments (old and new)
* Preview new work
* Access additional learning opportunities or optional assignments as available
* Communicate to teachers through Canvas
* Check on Canvas to see if you’ve been selected for additional interventions or support
* Preview club opportunities via Canvas for the afternoon

From 12:30 – 4:00 pm, if students have been assigned to attend an intervention with their teacher via Canvas, we expect they will attend. They will be doing the following:
* Working on missing assignments
* Taking or re-taking a quiz or test
* Going over a previous lesson
* Previewing an upcoming lesson
* Checking in with a teacher or counselor
If students have not been assigned to an intervention, they should work independently.  Also between 12:30 – 4:00 pm, students can choose to attend an extension activity or a club. During an extension time, teachers might offer a fun activity or a club. Teachers may also offer an extension of the content area. Extensions and clus are not required… they are highly encouraged! By Monday, in anticipation of Wednesday’s schedule, students will be invited to a Canvas shell that provides all the club and activity times and Zoom links.
Finally, teachers will also offer office hours from 12:30 – 4:00 pm. Hours will be posted in Canvas for all students and just like weekly office hours in the mornings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, students can drop in, get help, ask questions and say hello to their teachers. 

Yearbook Club
Yearbook. We’re looking forward to documenting our CDL experience in our 2020-21 Yearbook! Huge thanks to Liz Broadhead who has led our yearbook efforts for several years… we’re looking for another parent volunteer to share this activity. Yearbook may look a little different this year… so we’ll get super creative and thoughtful about how we craft a cool and fun product. 

Please email Courtney if you are interested in supporting this unique activity @ leonard@4j.lane.edu. Yearbook will meet Tuesdays at 11:00 am beginning on October 27.  

Youth Financial Foundations Opportunity
15th Night and DevNW are hosting a FREE financial planning training for YOUTH. The sessions take place November 2nd-6th, 2020 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM.  (Please note it is the week of the election, so there will be no class on Tuesday, November 3rd).

You can register your students/youth here at no cost you or them:
Referred youth will receive an email reminder several days before the class with the Zoom class link/class materials link. It will be helpful for the youth to be able to use Zoom from either a laptop or tablet. Please contact Ross Kanaga (541.345.7106 x2060) if your child is interested in the class but doesn’t have the appropriate technology.

Corralling COVID-19
Follow guidance so students can learn on-site this winter
Our students are counting on all of us to help get them back to in-person learning. The COVID-19 case count in Lane County has been increasing at a concerning rate, raising the county’s COVID-19 alert level to HIGH. Please follow the common-sense health and safety practices: postpone social gatherings and, when you leave the house, wear a face covering and keep 6 feet between yourself and others.

Lane County COVID-19 Info

State COVID-19 Updates

Protect Yourself and Others

Oregon Health Coverage Information

Looking Ahead to Next Week…
Nov. 2nd (M) – A Day
Nov. 3rd (T) – B Day
Nov. 4th (W) – Flex Day
* 9:00 – 10:45 am Independent work time for Periods 1-6
* 12:30 – 4:00 pm Interventions and supports, extensions and clubs, office hours
Nov. 5th (Th) – A Day
* 8:15 am Virtual Coffee Chat for Families w/ C & M https://zoom.us/j/9366455771/Meeting ID: 936 645 5771
Nov. 6th (F) – B Day

Earn Free Money for Roosevelt!

Click on the link above and register your credit/debit cards, designating Roosevelt Middle School—Recipient ID #6723045. Earn money for Roosevelt every time you shop at Market of Choice, Sizzle Pie (& other local restaurants).

Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Roosevelt. You can search by our name or by our non-profit number GB554. Click on the link above.

Download the Box Top for Education App in Google Play or the App Store, sign up (or sign in) and take a picture of your receipt within 14 days of purchase. It will automatically credit the school for each product. For more information, click on the link above.