This week’s eNEWS includes a schedule of this week’s events, a message from the principal and assistant principal, information on a Question, Persuade, Report (QPR) presentation, AVID applications for 8th graders, eScrip information, a Food for Lane County donation drive, a free National Geographic Live! presentation from the Hult Center, and a look ahead to next week.

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This Week’s Schedule & Events
Feb. 8th (M): A DAY
* 11:30 AM Virtual Family Lunch with Mike & Courtney
Feb. 9th (T): B DAY
* 9 – 11 am EasyCBM testing– Look for email from Courtney if your student is participating.
* 6:00 pm AVID Family Meeting
Feb. 10th (W): FLEX (C) DAY
* Every Wednesday in February is a Flex Day!
* 9 – 11 am EasyCBM testing– Look for email from Courtney if your student is participating.
Feb. 11th (Th): A DAY
* 9 – 11 am EasyCBM testing– Look for email from Courtney if your student is participating.
* 4:15 pm AVID/Site Council 
* 6:30 pm LIPI Family Meeting
Feb. 12th (F): B DAY
* 10:45 am LIPI student meeting

Message from the Principal & Assistant Principal   
Dear RMS Families:
As the month gets underway, we would like to take a moment and acknowledge February as Black History month. We honor the contributions African-Americans have made in multiple arenas and recognize the long struggle for freedom and equality which deepens our understanding of local, state and national history. Linking celebrations from both January and February, we will commemorate the life and times of MLK, Jr. in a school-wide symposium during House the first week in March. While it won’t be our traditional, all-school assembly with student and guest speakers, and student body activities, it will be a moment to pause, offer reflection and learn together.

CDL, Hybrid and Limited In-Person Instruction
At the current moment, for the rest of second trimester, we will stay in comprehensive distance learning (CDL). However, we are beginning to invite a limited number of students to the building for what the state is calling “Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI).” In accordance with health metrics and with district guidance, we are allowed to bring in one small cohort of up to ten students for two hours each morning for a total of forty students per week for additional academic, social-emotional and mental health support.  

Students in our first LIPI cohort were selected with a data-driven process using attendance rates, grade reports, and teacher recommendations. We identified many more students than we currently have space available, and if COVID infections decrease in Lane County over the coming weeks, then we may be able to expand LIPI. All 4j staff who are responsible for LIPI received their first doses of the Moderna vaccine last week.  

The 4j plan is for middle school to return to buildings in a hybrid model at or after the start of third trimester, should COVID rates and vaccine availability allow it. Although plans are far from finalized, we would maintain social distancing by bringing in only half our students to the building at once. One week, half our students would come in and the following week, the other half would be on campus. Many families will choose to keep their students at home for a continuation of online learning. All families will have the opportunity to change their learning pathway choice in March, before the third trimester begins. 

Beyond this, there are still unanswered questions for how hybrid will function. Secondary will learn a great deal from how elementary rolls out. All plans will be in response to our pandemic situation. We’re hopeful we’ll see our students this year, and still much remains to be seen.  

Asynch Classes When Teachers are Absent 
During distance learning, we don’t have access to guest teachers like in a normal year. Currently, we have one substitute for the entire South Eugene region who is prepped and trained to use Canvas and Zoom. When RMS teachers have to be absent and can’t secure a substitute for afternoon classes, they create asynchronous lessons for students to follow and email and message students and parents in Synergy and Canvas. And, Mike and I often try to lead House or other classes for teachers who have to be absent, but our schedules don’t always allow that. Thanks for your understanding.  

Student Achievement and Mental Health
Overall, though we know some students are thriving in CDL for different reasons, we have more students struggling with classes than in years past. In looking at our data, hearing from students and parents, and sharing anecdotally among staff, lower achievement is correlating with lower attendance and engagement for some students and higher anxiety for others.  

It’s important for our whole community to consider the context of achievement this year. This is clearly a year like no other and we cannot use the same measures we have in years past. If students are struggling, we must identify for them their context: a historic global pandemic and stay-at-home school for now close to a year. The worst outcomes of this year would be for students to lose their curiosity and love of learning and have conflict at home because they believe this is a normal year. We admire the resiliency so many students and families are showing… and achievement is profoundly impacted this year by CDL and stay-at-home.  

If your student is thriving, we are incredibly proud of their success. If this is not the case for you, we need to come together and problem-solve for new solutions and communicate grace because this year is not normal. We must make sure lost learning is not compounded by students internalizing an inaccurate message about themselves as learners.

Academic achievement is only one part of a student’s well-being. The isolation of the pandemic has created a mental health crisis among adolescents, the likes of which we have not seen in this generation. If you believe your child is in crisis, please contact us or use the wrap-around services listed on the 4j website: https://www.4j.lane.edu/communications/coronavirus/resources/#selfcare.  

Beyond classes and grades, together, we hope to find moments of joy and laughter, of gratitude and happiness to sustain us for the months to come, as uncertain as they are.    

Thanks for your awareness and support,
Courtney and Mike

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)
In collaboration with South Eugene High School (SEHS) and Spencer Butte Middle School, SEHS Parent Council is inviting South region families to a special presentation with Lane County’s Suicide Prevention/Mental Health Promotion Coordinator Roger Brubaker.
QPR is a suicide intervention training appropriate for all people. QPR provides participants with a basic understanding of suicide, how to identify warning signs, how to engage with people with thoughts of suicide and how to connect them with a variety of resources. This QPR session will be tailored to the needs of parents and specifically address youth suicide; however, many of the topics discussed will be applicable to other populations. 
The event will run Tuesday, February 23 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Please click the link below to join the webinar then:
Passcode: 655913

Welcome Back to Laura Fuhriman! 
RMS’s volunteer coordinator is back! Many of you know Laura from your work at RMS the last two years and we are pleased she has stepped back into the position to help during distance learning. If you are interested in brainstorming ways to support RMS during distance learning, whether it’s as a classroom tutor or other projects, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Laura at fuhriman_l@4j.lane.edu.  

AVID Applications for 8th Graders 
Dear Families of 8th Grade Students,
Applications for the AVID 9 program at South Eugene High School are now available for all incoming 9th grade students. AVID is a program that supports students in achieving academic success in high school while preparing them for admission to college. The application for AVID can be completed at this link:
SEHS AVID 9 Application
Applications should be completed no later than Friday, February 19, 2021 by 4:00pm.
Additional information about AVID is available on the South Eugene High School webpage. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the SEHS AVID program, please contact Laura Queirolo, SEHS AVID Teacher, at queirolo_l@4j.lane.edu.


Help Roosevelt Earn Money for our School!
You can help Roosevelt earn money for our school by registering your credit card with eScrip. Each time you make a purchase at a participating store (Market of Choice) Roosevelt receives a donation. Watch the following video for a short explanation of how eScrip works: eScrip. Click on the following link to register your credit/debit cards, designating Roosevelt Middle School—Recipient ID #6723045: eScrip Registration

Food for Lane County Food Drive 
The South University Neighborhood is sponsoring a neighborhood food collection for Food for Lane County. Due to COVID and the Holiday Farm Fire, community need is especially acute.
Saturday, Feb. 13th from 2-4 p.m.
Food donations can be dropped off at First Congregational Church (23rd Avenue & Harris Street).
Canned foods: Peanut butter, tuna, canned stews, soup, and chili are most needed
Curbside drop off:
* Neighbors and SEHS student volunteers will staff our collection site
* Volunteers will wear masks
* We ask you to remain in your vehicle to help provide social distancing.
* Please pop the trunk or open a curbside door so that we may retrieve your donation.
Thank you for supporting this community-wide effort!

Free National Geographic Live! Matinee this Tuesday
The Hult Center’s free student matinee of National Geographic Live!’s Scientific Exposure is this Tuesday, February 9th at 10 am. This performance will run about 60 minutes and can be live streamed here: http://hultcenter.org/nat-geo-education/. Students are invited to ask questions by clicking the Q&A button in the top-right corner of the video player.
About the Event
Natural history photographers working with National Geographic have often emerged from scientific backgrounds, enabling them to reveal wildlife and our natural world in surprising ways. Molecular biologist-turned-photographer Prasenjeet Yadav combines his experience in research with his photography skills to highlight natural history and science stories in Asia. And Anand Varma has developed innovative techniques to create stunning images of creatures whose details are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Join these National Geographic Explorers for stories and conversation on the intriguing intersection of science and photography.
Classroom resources for this performance can be found on the streaming page as well as here: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/media/scientific-exposure-anand-varma-prasenjeet-yadav/.

A Look Ahead …  
Feb. 15th (M): A DAY
* 11:30 AM Virtual Family Lunch with Mike & Courtney
Feb. 16th (T): B DAY
Feb. 17th (W): FLEX (C) DAY 
* Every Wednesday in February is a Flex Day!
Feb. 18th (Th): A DAY
* Distribution Day!
Feb. 19th (F): B DAY

Earn Free Money for Roosevelt!

Click on the link above and register your credit/debit cards, designating Roosevelt Middle School—Recipient ID #6723045. Earn money for Roosevelt every time you shop at Market of Choice, Sizzle Pie (& other local restaurants).

Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Roosevelt. You can search by our name or by our non-profit number GB554. Click on the link above.

Download the Box Top for Education App in Google Play or the App Store, sign up (or sign in) and take a picture of your receipt within 14 days of purchase. It will automatically credit the school for each product. For more information, click on the link above.