4J Parent News: Elementary Hybrid Schedule Updated, Change Deadline Extended to February 14, 2021

Elementary Hybrid Learning Update
Students will learn on-site two days a week in alternating groups • Pathway change form deadline extended to Feb. 14

Eugene School District 4J is planning for students to return to school buildings this spring for on-site learning in a hybrid model, starting with the youngest grades and adding grade levels over time, after school staff have had the opportunity to be vaccinated and local public health conditions meet Oregon’s advisory metrics for reopening schools.

Elementary students returning to school buildings in the hybrid learning model will learn on-site two days a week in alternating groups. Families whose students are attending their regular elementary school may respond to change between hybrid and online-only learning until Sunday, February 14.

Hybrid Schedule: 2 Days On-Site Each Week
Elementary students returning to school buildings in a hybrid learning model this spring will learn on-site in alternating groups. Each group of students will learn on-site at school two days a week and online at home three days a week.

Group A will learn on-site at school on Mondays and Tuesdays, and online at home the other days. Group B will learn on-site at school on Thursdays and Fridays, and online at home the other days. On Wednesdays, both groups of elementary students will learn from home.

The district has shifted the hybrid learning schedule for elementary schools to have each group of students attend school on-site two days a week, rather than in alternating weeks as was originally planned, following the recommendation of the Elementary Operations Workgroup, elementary school teachers and specialists working side-by-side with administrators, and listening to teacher voice and parent input. The original plan for alternating weeks was developed when less was known about the coronavirus and the district expected to have students on-site in a hybrid model for most of the school year.

Hybrid Days On-Site at School:
* School starts at 7:55 a.m. or 8:45 a.m.
* 5-hour school day including lunch and recess
* Free school meals provided for all students
* School bus transportation available for students who qualify
* Extensive health and safety measures including:
– face coverings worn at all times
– screening at bus pickup and school entry
– small cohorts and physical distancing between students
– increased ventilation and bipolar ionization air purifying devices
– frequent hand hygiene, handwashing with soap and water or hand sanitizer
– cleaning during and between school days, deep clean on Wednesdays

Hybrid Days Online at Home:
* School hours similar to on-site days
* Combination of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (on-demand) learning
* Live teacher time will be less than during distance learning for all
* Wednesdays both groups of students learn online from home

Learning Location Choice: Deadline Extended
Sunday, February 14 is the extended deadline for elementary families enrolled with their regular school to change between the hybrid and online learning model.

We recognize that each family situation is unique. Before elementary students return to school buildings, 4J is offering families enrolled with their regular school one more opportunity to change their choice of where their student will learn: attending school in-person on certain days once the hybrid model begins, or remaining online only.

Elementary families may request now to change from the Same School Hybrid to Same School Online learning pathway or from Same School Online to Same School Hybrid. Changes will be effective shortly before the hybrid model begins.

The pathway change deadline is extended through Sunday, February 14. 

Families only need to respond if you want to make a change between Same School Online and Hybrid. No action is needed if you are satisfied with your student’s current choice of Same School Online or Hybrid (or if your student is enrolled in the Eugene Online Academy, where enrollment is for the full term).

If you have already completed the form and want to change your choice based on the new hybrid schedule information, please fill out the form again. Your most recent response will be the one that is implemented.

Middle and high school families will have the opportunity in March to change their learning pathway choice for the third trimester.

Elementary School Groups and Classrooms 
Elementary families will be notified whether their students are in Group A or B around the end of February. Group assignments will be made based on a complex set of factors, including the number of students enrolled, classroom balancing and transportation, not by parent choice.

Schools will make every effort to coordinate group assignments so elementary students from the same household are assigned to have the same on-site days.  

Elementary school families also should be aware that whether you choose the Same School Online or Hybrid pathway, elementary students may have a different teacher when the hybrid model begins, and you will not know what teacher you will have before you make your choice. Until it’s known how many students will be learning online-only and how many will attend in the hybrid model, schools cannot form class lists or assign teachers. 

Please make the best choice for your student based on whether you want them to learn all online or in-person some days. 

Thank You
We all look forward to being able to safely reopen 4J school buildings and welcome students back into classrooms soon.

Elementary Hybrid Schedule

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