Information for Hybrid – 3/3/2021


Dear RMS Families:

In the next day, Eugene 4j is asking families to make a final decision about their student’s pathway for trimester three: hybrid or online only. Many decisions are being made at a district level that will apply to all middle schools.  The latest communication about moving to hybrid can be found at:  

This is a big decision that carries with it the need for crucial information, some of which isn’t yet available.  Based on emails and calls we received from many of you, to the best of our ability with the information currently available,  we’re sharing our responses to some frequently asked questions about the schedule and instructional model.  As new or updated information becomes available, we will communicate with you. 

Trimester Three: Schedule Shifts 

  • The new trimester begins in three weeks on March 29.  The schedule we have created to adhere to a strict cohorting model will begin then, too, with hybrid slated to start two weeks later on April 12. Cohort size is limited to 100 or fewer people. 
  • We are keeping our existing building-wide class schedule mostly intact which means less over-all disruption.  In a few cases, some students may switch teachers.  When there are multiple teachers per subject and grade, that probability is higher.  
  • Teachers who teach single-subject or single-grade-level classes will keep their same students though not necessarily in the same class periods, i.e. French Immersion, ELA 6, 7, 8, Drama, etc.
  • No matter which cohort students are in– A, B, or online– their schedules will change.  All students will have a new class schedule with a new set of peers.
  • Students will not attend classes with different students from other schools with teachers they do not know.  We can use our same schedule with our current teaching staff. 

Weekly and Daily Schedule 

  • If you choose hybrid, students with last names A-L will come in Mondays and Tuesdays and students with last names M-Z will come in Thursdays and Fridays.  At this point, we won’t be able to accept exceptions to cohort groups but can make a note of requests if we find ourselves needing to rebalance groups.
  • The district-wide middle school schedule committee is still working to determine what the weekly and daily schedule will look like for students in hybrid and online.  We hope there will be a decision by the end of the week. 
  • We will stay with an A-Day, B-Day model with both asynchronous and synchronous time each day for each cohort.
  • Flex Wednesdays will stay the same– no synchronous classes and only asynchronous work.
  • Students who choose hybrid will come into the building twice a week in the afternoons.  
  • We do not know yet if we will be serving lunch.
  • We do not know yet if House will be online only or part of our hybrid schedule.  

Instructional Models

  • Canvas and Zoom are the instructional tech tools we will continue to use.  
  • We’re considering a number of options and working to balance the synchronous time each cohort– A/B and online– will have.  This will be a district decision with some discretion given to schools.
  • It is likely the online-only cohort will Zoom into live class sessions to participate in different ways with those students who are in-person.

Other Health and Safety for Students Choosing Hybrid

  • For students who come in for hybrid, we have designated three separate entrances for each grade level.
  • We will do a visual scan of each student entering the building and ask them two health-related questions: 
    • How are you feeling today?
    • Are you feeling different today than you were in the past few days? 
  • Students and staff will wear appropriate face coverings when on campus.
  • Students will use hand sanitizer when entering the building, and hand sanitizer and sinks will be available throughout the building.
  • Students displaying COVID symptoms will be taken to an isolation room.  
  • We currently aren’t planning any additional social activities on campus such as clubs.
  • We will use our common spaces and outdoor courtyard for breaks and classroom activities.  

Hybrid Timeline (Updated 3/2/21)

Week of March 1 – 5, 2021:  Families update pathway choice by Thursday, March 4

Week of March 8 – 12, 2021:  Schools receive student numbers by Wednesday, March 10 to update trimester three schedule

Week of March 15 – 19, 2021: 3rd-trimester schedules shared with staff and sent out to families (grading day Friday, March 19)

Week of March 22 – 26, 2021:  Spring Break

Week of March 29 – April 2, 2021: 1st week of 3rd trimester in CDL

Week of April 5 – April 9, 2021: 2nd week of 3rd trimester in CDL

Week of April 12 – 16, 2021: 3rd week of 3rd trimester in hybrid

Again, we understand this is a big decision that must be made by Thursday.  We are committed to getting information to you as quickly as possible which may or may not be in time for the survey deadline.  The survey can be found here: .   

If you would like to schedule a conversation with either of us, please don’t hesitate to call– 541-790-8500– in the short turn-around time.

Our best,

Courtney and Mike