8th Grade Promotion Activities

Dear 8th Grade Students, Parents and Guardians:

Eighth grade promotion and celebration activities are drawing near. Please read the following information for activities on the last days of school. We look forward to a safe, fun, and exciting end of the year!


Thursday, June 16:

Mandatory promotion rehearsal — 2:10pm – 3:35pm (5th – 6th period)
Promotion — 6:30pm – 7:30pm Roosevelt large (north) gym (students arrive at 6:00pm)
Dance — 7:30pm – 9:00pm Roosevelt dining hall

Friday, June 17:

Regular school day for all students
Ice cream social for 8th graders — 1:15pm – 2:30pm patio east of gyms and Roosevelt soccer field

WHO GETS TO GO: End of the year activities are a privilege and students must have advisor/administration permission. Students may be disqualified by receiving referrals, having unpaid fines or failing to turn in books, equipment or athletic uniforms.

COST: $10.00 for promotion, dance and ice cream social. If you need assistance with the fee, please contact Karen in the Roosevelt office at 541-790-8544 or email kingzett@4j.lane.edu. We do not want financial concerns to keep any 8th grader from participating in any of the 8th grade celebration events. We do, however, ask that you pay as much as you can to help cover the expenses of these 8th grade events.

PROMOTION – Thursday, June 16 – 6:00pm-7:30pm
5th period: Mandatory promotion rehearsal in Roosevelt large gym 2:10pm – 3:35pm. Please note: anyone who does not attend promotion rehearsal, will NOT participate in the promotion ceremony unless a parent has made arrangements in advance with an administrator.

6:00pm: Eighth grade students report to the Roosevelt Forum and lower A Hall to line up for promotion.

6:30pm: Promotion ceremony in Roosevelt large (north) gym. Doors open at 6pm (open seating).

Parking: As you know, parking at Roosevelt is limited. Parking is available at the following locations: (1) Amazon Pool parking lot and the additional parking lot to the south extending past Amazon Center into Amazon Park (take the walking trail leading to the back of Roosevelt); (2) parking lot at 24th and Amazon Parkway (next to the tennis courts); (3) parking area and empty field at the former Roosevelt site (enter through the old bus gate on Hilyard), (4) bus loading zone in front of the building and (5) in the Roosevelt parking lot, but PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE LANE OR THE GREEN PAUSE PARKING LANE. Please note that additional parking spaces for people with disabilities will be available, but please use those accessible parking spots only if you have an accessible parking sticker. Parking is NOT available at the Very Little Theatre parking lot. Your car may be towed if you park at VLT.

DANCE – Thursday, June 16 – 7:30pm-9:00pm
Eighth graders will celebrate their promotion to high school at a dance, exclusively for Roosevelt 8th graders, in the dining hall. Immediately following promotion, eighth graders are encouraged to meet their families on the soccer field for pictures. At 7:30pm eighth grade students may enter the dining hall from the south dining hall patio to enjoy music, dancing, snacks and a photo booth. Once students enter the building they may not leave until 9:00pm unless a parent makes arrangements with an administrator PRIOR TO THE EVENT or is present to sign out the student. In addition, once students leave the dance (or even step outside) they will not be allowed to return. Doors will close for admission to the dance at 8:00pm. Snacks and drinks will be provided. No outside food or beverages (including water bottles) are allowed.

Dressing Guidelines for 8th Grade Promotion and Dance:
Promotion is a time to honor 8th graders with family members as an audience. Activities are meant to celebrate 8th graders as they move on to their next level of education. Though not intended to be a formal affair, we suggest comfortable clothing and a ‘dress for success’ look, leaving casual clothing for another occasion. We also suggest not going to any undue expense for one night. When in doubt, please follow the dress code guide in the Roosevelt student planner and handbook.

Please leave skateboards, backpacks, bags, etc. at home. Roosevelt will not be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL – Friday, June 17 – 1:15pm-2:35
Eighth graders will attend school on Friday and be treated to a private ice cream social near the end of the day.

ACTIVITIES: Students will report to 5th period for attendance. Teachers will dismiss them at 1:15 to meet in the big gym and then go out to the Roosevelt soccer field and patio east of the gyms where they will have frozen treats and enjoy games like corn hole, basketball, 4-square, and ping pong, or just hanging out with their friends. We hope all 8th graders will participate in this special celebration of the eighth grade class.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Students may not leave until 2:35pm unless a parent makes arrangements with an administrator PRIOR TO THE EVENT or is present to sign out the student. Eighth graders are expected to follow the school rules of conduct while outdoors at the ice cream social.

PARENTS – Volunteers are appreciated and essential. Email volunteer coordinator, Laura Fuhriman, at fuhriman_l@4j.lane.edu if you can help set up/take down decorations for the dance or chaperone the dance on June 16 or serve frozen treats at the ice cream social on June 17.

Click this link for the fee sheet and permission form.

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