Helping All People (HAP) Fundraiser

HAP is Happening!       

Over the next three weeks, students will work together in House to support our annual school-wide HAP– Helping All People– event. For over a quarter of a century, families at Roosevelt have shown their generous spirit by donating to Eugene-area families during November and December. As we’ve done the past two years, we are opting for collecting pre-paid gift cards and cash donations to distribute to families in our school community.

We run HAP through House. Our Student Government will play an integral role in compiling gift bags for distribution under the guidance of Marty Smith and our volunteer coordinator, Laura Fuhriman, liaison Alison Wagner and counselor, Lee Baker, will be our adult contacts.

Our timeline for the event appears below:

  • November 14 – 18: Preview and launch HAP in House
  • November 21 – 23: HAP drive + collection begins– Thanksgiving week (no school Th/Fr)
  • November 28 – 30: HAP drive and collection continues– grading week (no school Th/Fr)
  • December 5 – 9: HAP drive and collection continues
  • December 12 – 16: Gift cards compiled and delivered to families

If your family is interested in helping fund HAP, please use this link:

Thank you to all RMS families and your continued support of our staff and building.

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