Teacher Miscellaneous Resources

iPad Cart Documentation

iPad Cart Documentation Link

Beginning of the Year Resources

HOUSE Resources

  1. Suggested Talking Points for calls to new advisees; Suggested Talking Points For Calls To 6th graders
  2. Suggested agenda for first few days of House (including 6th grade day); Beginning Of The Year: House
  3. RMS Expectations Grid 2018-2019Community & Culture of Respect, Organization, Responsibility, Effort
  4. Great Advisory Ideas – A resource from a school in Hawaii (so some examples may need altered slightly)
  5. Advisory icebreakers

Other Teacher or Admin Tools

  1. Notice of Threat; –Notice_Threats_Students
  2. Student Safety Reporting Form for reporting alleged bullying & harassment
  3. Trauma_Informed_School_Best_Practice

Staff Meeting Resources

  1. District Required Readings;
  2. Superintendent’s Memo; Coming soon…
  3. The Decision Making Grid; Adopted in 2016; decision_making_grid_approved_2016
  4. The RMS School Improvement Goals (adopted in Spring, 20172016- 18 School Improvement Goals – Google Docs
  5. The RMS Group Agreements (in Process)
  6. Leadership Plan; Coming soon…
  7. ODE Version of Suggested SMART goals; sample-student-growth-goals
  8. Marilyn Williams Suggested CCSS Anchor Standards for all; Reading #1 and #10, Writing #2; Anchor Standards
  9. New Attendance and Tardy Policy guidelines; Document #1 Tardy_Rule_2014 and Document #2 Attendance_Committee_Proposal 2014
  10. School Safety Videos – Safeschools
  11. AVID Recommendation Link

Professional Development

  1. The Teaching Channel – Videos produced by teachers that demonstrate effective instructional strategies
  2. 4J Professional Development Wiki – Teachers must login, but it will be well worth it! This set of pages contains many resources, including videos and pd tools by Jon Saphier
  3. Making Student Thinking Visible – Questioning strategies that can clearly demonstrate a student’s thinking.. Article; Never_Say_Anything_A_kid_say and Questions; Making_Students_Thinking_Visible


Technology Resources

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