RMS Track and Field 2020

The Roosevelt Roughrider Track and Field season starts March 9.  Any current RMS student interested in participating in track and field should pick up all the required forms in the office, if they did not get them on February 11 during the meeting with the coach.  Practices will begin March 9 and track meets are held on Thursdays starting in April and continue until the Middle School District Meet in May.  Practice will be four days/week — Monday – Thursday (until Thursday track meets start in April), 3:45-5:30pm each day; except on Wednesdays practice ends at 5:00pm.  Student athletes must be present at no less than two practices during the week to participate in that week’s track meet.  Our team is open to all – experienced track and field athletes and beginners, as well.

State law requires that student-athletes complete sports physical exams every two years when participating in athletics. Therefore, if the athlete’s last sports physical examination expires before the end of the season on Thursday, May 21, 2020, a new one must be completed before any participation, either in practices or in meets, is permitted.  So, if your student-athlete’s last sports examination occurred prior to May 21, 2018, then you should get him or her scheduled for a sports physical now so there will be no delay in starting practices in March with the rest of the team.  Copies of the physician-signed sports physical should be submitted to the school office.

School District 4J charges a $100 per student-athlete participation fee to cover the costs of running the middle school track and field program in Eugene School District 4J.  We ask that each family pay as much as they are able.  There are partial and full scholarships available based upon individual/family need.  WE DO NOT WANT MONEY TO PREVENT ANYONE FROM PARTICIPATING!  Contact the Roosevelt main office for information on scholarship requests.  Checks should be made payable to Roosevelt.

Proof of insurance is required for all student-athletes.  If your student is not fully covered by insurance carried by the parent/guardian, then inquire in the Roosevelt office about School Time student accident insurance available through Myers-Stevens & Toohey.  Application forms are available in the RMS office.

Being part of the track team at RMS is important in a variety of ways.  First, it provides a healthy activity that many of our students need in our current world of technology and video games.  Second, it teaches each athlete the importance of being part of a team.  Finally it gives our students a chance to connect and foster positive, supporting relationships with people, both students and staff, they may not normally interact with during the regular school day. 

Required paperwork is available in the office and also on the Roosevelt website.  All completed forms must be turned in at the office before students may begin practice.  Please do not hesitate to contact Coach Coe if you have any questions about the upcoming season.

Jeff Coe, Head Track Coach

Phone:  541-790-8500

Email: coe_j@4j.lane.edu