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About RMS

The Roosevelt Middle School community is proud of the rich history of excellence and creativity from current and former staff and students. Theodore Roosevelt Middle School has resided in a few different buildings for nearly 100 years. Most recently, the old facility located on the corner of Hilyard and East 24th Avenue (for the past 65 years) was replaced by a new facility for the 2016-17 school year a few hundred feet to the west. While the location of the building has changed, the spirit of developing students academically, socially, and emotionally has not changed. The RMS program offers rigorous curriculum in mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies, while continuing electives in performing arts (drama, music, traditional art) and a health and physical education program.

In addition to the academic curricula, the Roosevelt program has celebrated the advisory program, called House, to develop the academic practices and social skills (identity development, problem solving, self advocacy, etc) of students. This program creates blended grade environments of about 25 students for a “House Advisor” to guide through social, academic, and identity development activities for 4 days each week. As all students benefit from the activities designed to foster growth and identity, the 6th grade students have the additional benefit of 7th and 8th grade mentors to guide a transition to middle school life. The RMS staff also benefits from continuous conversations about what middle school students need to know academically, socially, and emotionally as the curriculum for House is designed and delivered.

The “CORE Program” or Creating Our Roosevelt Environment is an additional transition activity for 6th grade students who are becoming new middle school students. 7th and 8th grade mentors are trained by staff prior to the start of the school year to design/deliver activities that support a nurturing welcome for 6th grade or new 7th/8th grade students. In general, the CORE leaders are also in the House Advisory of the students they are leading to create an immediate connection for new students.

The 4J French Immersion program resides in Roosevelt Middle School. The students from Charlemagne Elementary spend their middle school years at Roosevelt prior to applying for IHS at South Eugene High School. During middle school, the french immersion students take their language arts and social studies classes in French.
We offer an accelerated math program. Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade participate in national competitions (i.e. MathCounts). Our math scores put Roosevelt second in the state in a ranking of Oregon high schools.


The Roosevelt Middle School staff stands together against bigotry, harassment, bullying and any form of discrimination. We support a learning community where cooperation, fairness and mutual respect are the rule… not the exception. We know a learning environment free of bigotry, harassment, bullying and discrimination is one where all students can and will learn at the highest level. The RMS staff believes in a world where everyone… our students… our staff… our parents… and our community celebrate the strength and power of diversity. We stand together as a united school committed to supporting the success of all students. Regardless of where a student worships, where a student comes from, what language a student speaks at home, the color of a student’s skin, or who a student loves, every individual adds to the mosaic of our school community. Our differences, not our similarities, are what makes us stronger as a whole.

Roosevelt students come from all parts of our United States and from all parts of the world. We have several distinct languages spoken in our school and at home. Our school is a reflection of our larger community. We should challenge divisive rhetoric occurring in our community and across our nation. We should look for good in one another.  We challenge each of you to see the good in others… and to be the good others see in you.