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AVID Resources

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an elective class offering rigorous curriculum to promote student achievement. AVID teaches college readiness skills and is available to all students but especially those who would be first generation college students. The program looks for students who are passing their classes, but who can and will earn higher grades with the additional support that will help them in pursuing a college education.

Four key components of the program:

  • Rigorous instruction in critical reading, writing, inquiry, and organizational skills
  • Collaborative tutorial group support
  • College exploration and assistance in application process
  • AVID “Family”

The goal of AVID is for students to challenge themselves with rigorous curriculum, to join school activities, and help them to achieve the goal of going to college. The potential AVID student would attend school regularly, be prepared for class, be self-motivated and be willing to work hard. Students learn to research, take and use Cornell notes, and work effectively in study groups.

A unique aspect of AVID is the tutorial. College tutors work in AVID classes twice a week to help students in study groups in all academic areas to ensure their progress.

Want to see a great video about how to use Cornell Notes?