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When students see adult volunteers in their schools, they see firsthand how members of their community value education and support their local school. When a community is very involved in their school volunteering, more people have a better sense of the total education picture, and see how dedicated so many people are to educating the community’s youth. More involvement results in better understanding, more trust building, and a commitment to even more support. School begins to feel like family! – Jonathan Green

Do you like to be among middle school students? Do you like to organize, like to work with social media or communications, like to work on projects and support fun events for students? Then, you are at the right place 🙂

Join our RMS Volunteer team!

To get started:

  1. Complete the background check HERE.  See below for information on volunteer opportunities. 
  2. Once done please let our Volunteer Coordinator, Laura Fuhriman know.
  3. Watch your email for and complete the mandatory online Volunteer training (SafeSchool).
  4. Submit your training Certificate of Completion to Laura Fuhriman to begin volunteering at RMS.

If you have any questions regarding how to complete the volunteer process, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Fuhriman

Thank you!

Below are some of the volunteer opportunities throughout the school year:

PAR: (Parents at Roosevelt)

  • PAR is an easy way to join the Roosevelt community and use your skills and expertise to make our school a better place. Opportunities often arise in the areas of coordinator/chair, secretary, fundraising, teacher/staff appreciation, communications, and events like Showcase. If you are interested, contact Jamie Harms for more details.


  • We are thankful for our school and what it provides, but we can also do little things that go a long way to make our community even better. We would love parents to consider signing up for eScript, contributing to the blue bag bottle drop, or making their orders with to help fund some of the extras like field trips, cooking classes, extracurriculars like track, and HAP. We would also encourage parents to help us with events like “Night Out Fundraisers” and soliciting business donations too.

Office Helper

  • We are looking for a welcoming parent to greet visitors and answer students’ questions as they come into the office. We ask for a commitment of once a week for 2 hours which could include answering phones and sending messages to classrooms as part of your responsibilities. If you are interested, contact Laura Fuhriman for more details.

Library Volunteer

  • We are looking for a parent who can commit to once a week for a few hours to come and shelve books, work on current projects, and help keep the library clean. If you are interested, contact Laura Fuhriman for more details.

Classroom Activities

  • Throughout the school year, different opportunities arise to help in the classrooms from assisting with science projects to making photocopies, or chaperoning field trips. Help in different classrooms, field trips. If you are interested in being contacted when these opportunities arise, contact Laura Fuhriman.

School Volunteer

  • Along with classroom opportunities, we also need helping hands to refresh display cases, chaperone Activity Nights, assist with Picture Day, plan and execute 8th Grade Promotion as well as help with other projects around the campus to keep it looking great. If you are interested in being notified when opportunities around the school arise, contact Laura Fuhriman.


  • Track is the only school affiliated sport at RMS that provides a safe environment for >100 students to socialize and move their bodies after classroom learning all day. To make sure a huge endeavor is successful for all, we need parents to step in and help the coaches during practice or volunteer at meets to do things like measure shot and discus, time running events, etc. If you are interested in being a part of this fun community, contact Coach Trevor.


  • Can you give 30 Minutes once a week to make a difference in the life of a young person?  Volunteers from the community are paired with middle school students who have been referred to the program. Once a week, volunteer Mentors visit their students at school during lunchtime. They talk and listen, eat their lunches, play board games, share news about school and friends, maybe even walk the track or play basketball. It’s a way to give extra support to a teen or tween who may be facing challenges—students who are having a hard time at home or at school, or just need another caring adult in their lives. Most schools have students on waiting lists. A small investment of time, energy and caring can yield great dividends in the life of a middle school student. You will be placed in a different school than where your student is attending. Find out more here: