HAP 2019

HAP – Helping All People

It’s that time of year, when we collect food and money in house for our annual HAP (Helping All People) drive – from now until Dec 16. The non-perishable food collected in this drive, along with the money raised to purchase fresh, perishable food items, such as, turkey/ham/tofurky, fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, butter, etc., will be shared with our community and Food for Lane County. The goal for each advisor’s house is to fill a box from a list of non-perishable food items AND to collect a minimum of $50 per house to pay for fresh foods.

Each advisor’s house is asked to fill its collection box from a list of needed non-perishable foods. If you are not sure you can participate, no problem – bring food and money only if your family can and wants to support the drive. If you are able to donate more, please know extra food is always welcome and appreciated and can support those houses that need help completing their list.  

Each advisor’s house has a goal of $50 ($2 per student) for fresh, perishable food items. We suggest a $2-$20 donation, but every dime counts! Extra money will help support any houses that do not reach their goal.

Food and money collection is underway!

Thank you for your support.

Please check all expiration dates!